Removing carbon from the atmosphere presents a critical, yet under-developed opportunity to curtail climate change.

We recognize the growing consensus that a portfolio of carbon removal solutions can have great value as a complement — not replacement — to reducing emissions. We lead industry and policy focused initiatives to unlock the potential of carbon removal solutions, and to ignite sustainable, carbon-negative innovation across many sectors of the global economy.  

Our Story

The Center for Carbon Removal is dedicated to curbing climate change. Our focus is on spurring action to develop and implement strategies for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


The Center for Carbon Removal is developing a number of initiatives to accelerate the development of scalable, sustainable, economically-viable carbon removal solutions. Join the conversation via our social media channels:


Want more information about carbon removal? The Center for Carbon Removal resources page is the place to start. Check out our FAQ and fact sheets.

Final report on carbon removal and philanthropy now available for download!

Philanthropy Beyond Carbon Neutrality: How near-term grants can make long-term climate goals a reality.

For more information and to download the report summary and supplemental documents, please visit our Publications page.