Interesting technology for beneficially re-using CO2

A company called Carbon8 Systems has recently announced expansion of its production facilities that turn industrial wastes (such as slag from steel manufacturing) into carbonates that can be used in specialist construction materials.

If processes like Carbon8's utilized CO2 from biomass combustion or from direct air capture machines, they could generate net removal of CO2 from the atmosphere.

The scale of such an opportunity isn't huge -- Carbon8's promotional video claims that, if its technology were applied at all relevant UK landfills, it could sequester the GHGs produced by 10,000 cars (less than .1% of the ~32 million cars in the UK).

But early carbon sequestration companies like Carbon8 can be critical for generating technology innovations and broader market demand for products that sequester carbon. Other companies, such as Skyonic and Solidia (and potentially Calera -- I'm unclear as to what degree they have pivoted from their initial focus on building materials to chemicals), are pursuing similar CO2 sequestration in building materials, and show encouraging signs that we might be able to turn some of the largest sources of carbon emissions into carbon sinks.