Theme of the Month — November: BECCS

This month at Center for Carbon Removal, we will be featuring information on bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (also called BECCS or Bio-CCS). 

BECCS involves traditional bioenergy systems (biomass power or biofuels) coupled with carbon capture and storage (CCS) and has the potential to be a net-negative GHG emission technology. Since biomass feedstocks absorb carbon from the air, the joint use of CCS and sustainable bioenergy production prevents the carbon in the biomass feedstocks from escaping back into the atmosphere during energy production.

 Photo Source: Dan Sanchez et. al

Photo Source: Dan Sanchez et. al

The IPCC's fifth assessment report cites large deployments of BECCS by midcentury in order to keep warming below 2°C — "Mitigation scenarios reaching about 450 ppm CO2eq in 2100 typically involve temporary overshoot of atmospheric concentrations, as do many scenarios reaching about 500 ppm to 550 ppm CO2eq in 2100. Depending on the level of the overshoot, overshoot scenarios typically rely on the availability and widespread deployment of BECCS and afforestation in the second half of the century." (IPCC AR5 SPM). 

Because of its importance in climate modeling and its potential to produce negative emissions on a large scale, this month we will be featuring exciting research and information on BECCS. So share your thoughts about BECCS with us and stay tuned for updates!