The Center for Carbon Removal Blog Launches!

Here at the Center for Carbon Removal, we are passionate about fighting climate change, and we believe that the dissemination of information and dialogue are critical for sparking the action needed to develop effective and sustainable climate solutions. While a number of great resources exist around more traditional climate solutions, we’ve found that a gap exists when it comes to the emerging field of carbon removal – or “negative emission” – climate solutions. The amount of information on carbon removal has ballooned recently, making it increasingly important to have an online resource dedicated to tracking and starting conversations on the full portfolio of carbon removal solutions. This blog aims to provide that missing resource.

Our blog will highlight stories and media content on a wide range of carbon removal approaches, spanning the energy, agriculture, forestry, mining, and manufacturing industries (among many others).  We’ll provide insight from our network of experts on technology, policy, and business issues relevant to carbon removal, and look to communicate not just through written posts, but also through infographics and video when we can.

Most importantly, we will strive to make this blog a catalyst for dialogue and conversation on key issues related to carbon removal. We hope you find this blog to be a useful resource and home for constructive conversation, and we look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts and feedback as the site continues to evolve!