Science Special

On Fridays, we round up our favorite science links on climate change and share them with you:

  • Wonder why action on climate change is so slow? Vox dives deeper into the psychology of climate change.
  • Pope Francis’s encyclical touted that swift climate action is vital in protecting the world’s most vulnerable. Implying the need to stay under 1.5C warming, this Nature piece talks about what it takes to get there.
  • “But before anyone dismisses what doesn't yet exist, we argue that the best way to determine ‘how safe it is to bet on negative emissions in the second half of this century’ is to instigate a policy framework for greenhouse-gas removal (GGR) and invest in research and development innovation now.”  Read up more on why investing in carbon removal now is critical. 
  • Verifiable CO2 sequestration is important to us (and to the future of the climate). Whitman, Scholz, and Lehmann talk critical carbon accounting methodologies for biochar.


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