Science Special

On Fridays, we round up our favorite science links on climate change and share them with you:

  • The Smith School at Oxford put together this report on negative emissions technologies. They do a great job of breaking down each the potential and costs for each method of removing carbon from the atmosphere. Ending with some important discussion on the deployment agenda for these technologies, this piece is definitely worth your time! 
  • A little less long-winded, folks from the University of Manchester UK write that there is no "one size fits all" for BECCS (biomass energy with carbon capture and storage). They make some important points about the carbon accounting considerations when marketing BECCS as carbon negative. In a few words - it's all about the execution. 
  • It may turn out that fish are worth more to us in the ocean, than in our bellies. This article from Scientific American talks about the just budding field to research the CO2 removing capabilities of ocean life. 
  • Happy 4th of July from all of us here at the Center for Carbon Removal! Before you start up your BBQs and grill some hot dogs, take a second to read this piece that shows how certain land management techniques can tip the CO2 scales of meat production. 





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