The Center for Carbon Removal Announces Funding from UC Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute

The Center for Carbon Removal is proud to announce that it has received seed funding from the University of California Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute (BECI). The Center for Carbon Removal has deep connections across the UC Berkeley campus, making BECI, whose mission is to coordinate energy and climate research/projects across departments at UC Berkeley, a well-aligned financial partner for our growing organization.

Our organization, which focuses on igniting action to develop and implement “negative emission” systems capable of cleaning up excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, hopes to help BECI demonstrate its leadership in emerging issues across the energy and climate space. In particular, BECI can play a critical role in catalyzing the additional multidisciplinary academic work around carbon removal needed to address the growing scientific consensus (from institutions, such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the National Research Council, and the Global Carbon Project) that preventing further climate change likely requires carbon removal in addition to reductions in carbon emissions.  “We are pleased to support the Center’s goal of advancing the increasingly important, yet underdeveloped field of carbon removal,” said BECI Director Dr. Paul Wright.

Here at the Center for Carbon Removal, we will use the BECI seed funding to:

  1. Conduct industry- and policy-focused research and analysis to highlight opportunities and challenges surrounding carbon removal systems.
  2. Host events, including an accredited session at the pre-COP21 “Our Common Future Under Climate Change” conference in Paris on carbon removal research needs and coordination, and a Forum on Carbon Removal in partnership with the Aspen Institute.
  3. Curate a comprehensive online hub for high-quality information and discussion about carbon removal.

“The Center for Carbon Removal has an important role to play in guiding industry and governments as they develop new, sustainable, and scalable tools to fight climate change,” said Dr. Daniel Kammen, a professor at UC Berkeley and one of the Center’s team of a dozen advisers from industry, finance, policy, and academia. And that's exactly what we plan to do with our seed funding!