Science Friday - Carbon Sequestration in Croplands

On Fridays, we round up our favorite resources on climate change and carbon removal to share with you. In week three of agriculture month, we are focusing on carbon sequestration on croplands. 

  • Almost 41% of US land is utilized for agriculture in some way. Such a huge area of land, the USDA put out a report on greenhouse gas mitigation options across the ag industry, with a specific focus on costs. 
  • Cropland sequestration can be enhanced through a variety of practices, but modified tilling is one of the most popular approaches. Researchers at US DOE compare the net carbon flux of several tilling practices. 
  • More interested in the social science side of things? Researchers at Ohio State examine the impacts soil carbon sequestration can have on food security globally.

Enjoy the weekend and stay tuned for our carbon farming fact sheet! 


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