Theme of the Month - September: Direct Air Capture

This month at the Center for Carbon Removal, we will be featuring the work of a number of innovators building direct air capture machines. Direct air capture technologies are capable of separating carbon dioxide directly from ambient air. The concentrated carbon dioxide that these systems produce can then be used to build carbon-based products (such as cements, plastics, and fuels), or buried deep underground to receive carbon credits.

Over the next month, we will be highlighting some of the different approaches direct air capture innovators are pursuing, and highlighting innovative direct air capture companies such as:

We will also be taking a closer look at some of the academic centers pursuing carbon removal solutions, such as the Center for Negative Carbon Emissions at Arizona State University, and we'll be highlighting technical work related to direct air capture all month during our weekly Science Friday blog posts.

So share your thoughts about direct air capture with us, and we look forward to highlighting interesting stories in the field all month long!