Call for comments: Philanthropy Beyond Carbon Neutrality

Dear readers,

I am proud to announce that the Center for Carbon Removal has released a draft of our first major report, titled: “Philanthropy Beyond Carbon Neutrality: Unlocking the Potential of Carbon Removal Solutions.” (Available on the publications page of our website)

The report includes a deep exploration of why carbon removal is a critical piece of the climate solutions puzzle, as well as an analysis of how philanthropies can ignite action to develop carbon removal solutions. Our team has spent many months analyzing data on philanthropic grant-making to climate-related projects, interviewing climate and philanthropy stakeholders, and surveying the academic literature on carbon removal solutions. I'm also very grateful for all of the feedback we have received so far on earlier drafts of this report from our wonderful advisory board.

But the release of this draft is only a first step. To continue moving forward, we need your help.

We have opened this draft of our report to the public for comments, and we want all of your thoughts. No comment is too small or too big--we want to hear as many ideas as possible, so that the final draft of our report can provide the climate community with as valuable a resource as possible.

Our ask to the climate and philanthropy communities: how can we strengthen our philanthropy report to provide the climate community with as valuable a resource as possible?


There are two ways you can help us achieve this goal. First, please submit a comment through the form on our website (on the publications page). All comments are confidential unless you express otherwise—and we hope you will. Our intention is to respond to all of the comments we get, and we hope to get your approval to incorporate some of the comments directly in the final report. Second, please share this report with anyone else you think would be interested in sharing their thoughts—we want this report to reflect the input of as broad a community as possible.

At the Center for Carbon Removal, transparency and inclusiveness is one of our core values.

Transparency and Inclusiveness: We strive to engage and include the voices of a broad community of stakeholders involved in an open and rigorous debate on the most appropriate pathways for developing carbon removal solutions.
— Center for Carbon Removal: Core Value

Opening this draft of our report to the public before a final version is released is an important way for us to practice what we preach, and we hope that you engage in this effort with us.

Thank you in advance for your support, and I look forward to hearing everyone’s comments and to advancing the conversation on carbon removal as a climate solution.


Noah Deich

Executive Director |  Center for Carbon Removal