Science Special: ARPA-E 2016 Edition

The Center for Carbon Removal was on display at the Technology Showcase at the 2016 ARPA-E conference last week in Washington D.C. It was a great forum for engaging, technology developers, investors, and policymakers in our efforts to accelerate the development of economically-viable carbon removal solutions.

In fact, the conference featured three "fast-pitch" sessions for new ARPA-E programs related to carbon removal technology innovation. Check out the slides from these pitches, below:

We were also really exited to see other friends showcasing technologies for a negative emissions future, including the ASU Center for Negative Carbon Emissions

Lastly, for your weekend viewing pleasure, check out these videos from ARPA-E on carbon sequestration, and our older post on the idea for an "ARPA-C" (for carbon)!