Science Special

Happy Science Friday! This week we bring you a few pieces that explore the state of the science on carbon removal solutions.

First, Carbon Brief, during their week long special on negative emissions, posted a timeline of the science and dialogue on one specific carbon removal technology: bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS). They examine how BECCS became to be so widespread in climate models and why BECCS is one of the most viable carbon removal solutions today. 

Next, this new Nature Climate Change piece by Keith Paustian and Johannes Lehmann on climate-smart soils examines the state of the science on the world's terrestrial carbon sink and exposes key research questions that need to be answered for these solutions to be considered legitimate. 

Finally, this commentary piece by Glen Peters in Nature Climate Change, titled "The 'best available science' to inform 1.5 °C policy choices", explores the need for climate models to be informed by realistic policy and political outcomes. The piece has some important commentary on negative emissions technologies, stressing the need for the refinement of a portfolio of carbon removal solutions to meet our Paris climate goals. 

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