Profiles in Carbon Removal: Paul Gambill

We are launching a new monthly series on the blog called "Profiles in Carbon Removal" to share stories about individuals passionate about carbon removal. Our first profile is of Paul Gambill is an entrepreneur and product manager who has formed a community of carbon removal enthusiasts in Seattle and blogs on the topic at

Without further ado, the first "Profiles in Carbon Removal" post is below!

Center for Carbon Removal: What inspired you to get involved in carbon removal?

Paul Gambill: After selling my last business, I was researching the biggest problems I could work on next and I read a lot about a growing sense of apathy in the climate change research community. I started looking for approaches people were considering to actually fix and not just mitigate climate change and eventually found different research being done on direct air capture and other negative emissions strategies. I'm a problem-solver by nature, and I'm motivated to fix things. What greater thing to fix than the Earth?

CCR: What are you working on in relation to carbon removal today?

PG: I’m the organizer of the Carbon Removal Seattle meetup group in Seattle, WA. I also blog about carbon removal at My vision is to build a product development company that makes consumer products that also act as negative carbon sinks. 

CCR: What is the one thing that you are most excited about in the carbon removal field today?

PG: I'm really excited to see how new technological options for removal will be developed in the coming years as more attention and finance is focused on the issue. I believe strongly in the ability of innovative teams of people to create things never before imagined when they are set on a particular goal with the right resources.

CCR: What's one thing you'd like to see the carbon removal community be doing differently?

PG: I'd like to see more openness to different approaches to carbon removal. Restoring our atmospheric carbon levels to 350ppm is going to require work done in all sorts of fields including direct air capture, wetland restoration, carbon farming techniques, reforestation, and more. 

CCR: What do you need in order to achieve your goals for carbon removal?

PG: I'm looking for cofounders and funding. My meetup group is considering some different possible business models, and I’m looking for talented people who are enthusiastic about trying to save the world with us.