Carbon Edge Newsletter

Carbon Edge is our monthly newsletter for the carbontech innovation and commercialization community.  It includes a blog post with our analysis, along with news, deals, opportunities, and jobs.  An archive of past issues is below.

June 1, 2018

  • [Save the Date] Carbontech Labs Skills Training & Happy Hour
  • [Funding Opportunity] DOE Announces $13M for CO2 Utilization
  • [Funding Opportunity] USDA Announces $80M for food & bioeconomy
  • [Carbontech Product] Interface's Carbon Negative Carpet Tile
  • [Geologic Sequestration] DOE Announces $29.6M for geologic sequestration
  • [Startup Opportunity] Shell's GameChanger is accepting applications

May 14, 2018 Issue

Blog: Who actually benefits from 45Q?

  • [Save the Date]  Carbontech Labs Skills Training & Happy Hour
  • [Market Creation] Do 'green premiums' exist?
  • [Startup News] CarbonCure and AirGas join forces
  • [Startup Opportunity] Launchpad applications open
  • [Podcast Alert] Statoil on carbontech
  • [Capital Formation] G2VP raises $298M

April 16, 2018 Issue

Blog: 7 Things to Know About the 45Q Tax Credit

  • [News] Finalists of the Carbon XPRIZE
  • [Thought Leadership] McKinsey Perspective
  • [Startup Opportunity] CleanTech Open applications open
  • [Capital Formation] Congruent Ventures raises $92M
  • [Job] Lawrence Livermore hiring carbontech post-docs