Frequently Asked Questions

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+ Does Carbontech Labs cost money or take equity?

No. Carbontech Labs is a program of the non-profit Center for Carbon Removal. We do not currently charge a fee or take equity. The Center's mission is to accelerate carbon removal and successful commercialization and scaling and carbontech, even if the product doesn't necessarily sequester carbon, is a step toward that goal.

+ What is the application deadline?

Carbontech Labs accepts applications on a rolling basis. We've found that since each team is so unique and the accelerator program is so personalized, there is less value to having a timeline that moves in lock-step.

That said, we do post occasional deadlines ahead of convenings to encourage potential applicants to get in touch so that they would be able to attend the in-person event.

+ Do teams have to be in the United States?

Not necessarily, but it's preferred. Our network, physical labs, and almost every one of our investors are based in the US. That means that teams who are physically based in the US and focused on the US market gain the most from Carbontech Labs. We hope to eventually have a more international reach.