Carbontech Labs Executive Summary

Carbontech Labs is the world's only accelerator program specializing in providing support for the carbontech industry.  We provide personalized mentoring and contacts that meet you wherever you are in the commercialization process--from aspiring university spinout to established venture looking to raise capital and scale revenue.  Through a multi-phase program, we provide the collective mix of entrepreneurial education & programming, targeted network of investors, mentors, and partners, funding, and physical space carbontech startups need to succeed.

Carbontech Labs also provides resources and programming for the rest of the carbontech ecosystem beyond startups.  By educating and connecting investors, mentors, and corporations, we create the network of strategic partners required for a carbontech startup to succeed and innovations to get to market.

Carbontech Labs is a program of the Center for Carbon Removal, a non-profit working to accelerate strategies that create a new carbon economy that recycles and removes carbon, with an ultimate goal of deploying negative emissions.

Interested in applying?  Complete the short pre-application and we'll be in touch.  Applications close around June 1st.


Carbontech entrepreneurs are struggling to gain the financing, facilities, and network they need to succeed.  A holistic program providing multi-faceted support could address these multiple, inter-related needs.  

Meanwhile, the community of industry partners, customers, and investors interested in carbontech is poorly connected and uninformed about the current market opportunities in this space.  Convening, connecting, and educating these constituencies will aid them in realizing the market opportunity and result in them more effectively supporting carbontech startups.

Phase 1: customer discovery


If your technology works, would anybody pay for it?  That's the key question to answer in Phase 1.  During Phase 1, we focus on commercial and customer development while specifically de-emphasizing technology development.  After all, a great technology still needs a market and a customer.

By the end of Phase 1, we expect that teams will have the basis for a profitable business on paper, validated by customer interviews, which could be the basis for a conversation with a potential investor.  Importantly, this business thesis includes a clear, compelling value proposition and a hypothesis about how their product fits into the market.


By the end of Phase 1, we expect teams to have the necessary communications collateral required to prove their business thesis to an investor.  These materials include:

  • Concise, compelling elevator pitch
  • Executive Summary
  • Pitch deck
  • Technical whitepaper (for investor technical diligence)
  • Competition analysis (by technology and by business)
  • Technology development roadmap
  • Summary of customer discovery interviews
  • Preliminary lifecycle analysis
  • Preliminary techno-economic analysis

In addition, Carbontech Labs writes a technology assessment report on each team.  This independent report explains the team's technology, it's advantage(s), it's potential and challenges, and places the technology within the context of the field and past work.  Similar to 'independent engineering' reports, these reports work to mitigate investors' difficulty understanding carbontech technologies and their differentiation.


Carbontech Labs is there to help you through this process.  We provide the following

  • Personalized mentoring: our program staff and Advisory Network work with you to draft, revise, and polish your deliverables
  • Convenings: in-person convenings supplement virtual mentoring
  • Communications support: we have partnered with a leading sustainability communications firm, Antenna Group, to provide communications and messaging support
  • Specialized Network: connections to our Advisory Network to help entrepreneurs develop strategy and navigate the unique challenges of this industry
  • Funding: possibility for non-dilutive grant funds up to $30,000 


  • Entrepreneurs with innovative carbontech ideas get educated, networked, and funded

  • Investors receive deal flow with improved quality

  • Strategic corporates gain understanding of the potential benefits of carbon recycling and access to innovators in their sector

  • Policymakers and NGO leaders gain increased awareness and understanding of the opportunity and new startups in carbon capture and recycling