Carbontech Labs Team

Carbontech Labs is operated by a core team, supplemented by our Advisory Network.


We are seeking entrepreneurs-in-residence to join the Carbontech Labs team!  They will to embed with our cohort teams to develop crisp, compelling value propositions, find product-market fit, and help accelerate technology breakthroughs which use waste carbon into scalable commercial ventures.  EIRs should be experienced entrepreneurs with a track record of customer discovery and business development achievement --prior experience with carbontech is not required.  In fact, joining Carbontech Labs is a great way to learn more about this emerging sector!  Email Matt ( to learn more.  


matt Lucas, program director

Matt is a mechanical engineering MS & PhD from UC Berkeley and BS from Harvard University, previously worked in corporate venture capital, and in engineering roles at three early-stage hardware startups based on university innovations. He has seen the challenges of hard-science innovation from both an investor’s and entrepreneur’s perspectives and is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs succeed where he, and many others, have failed.  Carbontech Labs was inspired and built to be the support system that Matt wished he’d had.

Get in touch! Matt.Lucas[at]


Ryan Kushner, Accelerator Guru

Ryan is a startup accelerator and incubator expert and is the author of “Accelerate This! A Super Not Boring Guide To Startup Accelerators And Clean Energy Entrepreneurship”. His driver is solving climate change and accelerators are his trimtab for effecting change. He has worked at Elemental Excelerator (US Navy, DOE and Emerson Collective-funded), helped create Free Electrons (international utility accelerator), and works in oceantech and new protein (plant and cell-based innovation). He likes people and likes to help. 


dvorit mausner, development expert

Dvorit believes that mitigating climate change is the greatest business opportunity in history. She spreads that message as the executive director of Manylabs, a carbontech-focused community for science and technology enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur herself, Dvorit is a thought leader in business development, strategic operations, community building, and communications. She is the chairwoman of Young Women Social Entrepreneurs - SF chapter, and an alumna of the University of Pennsylvania where she studied business at the Wharton School.