Test Site Network

To support carbontech entrepreneurs transitioning from the lab to the field as part of Phase 3 of Carbontech Labs program, we work with a national network of test sites.  These field sites, operated by our visionary partners, are meant reduce the friction, cost, and time to achieving a 'real world' demonstration of new carbontech innovations.  Our investors have identified a successful field trial as a critical de-risking step for new technologies, and a meaningful value creation milestone for carbontech ventures.  Read more about our growing list of test site partners below! 

+ Wyoming Integrated Test Center

The Integrated Test Center located at the Dry Fork Power Station near Gillette, Wyoming. The pulverized coal power plant provides flue gas to several built-for-purpose test bays, along with hook-ups for electricity and cooling water, where tenants can test their flue gas conversion technologies. There is no post-combustion carbon capture currently installed at Dry Fork, so tenants of the Test Center receive the flue gas rather than a pre-captured stream of CO2.

Wyoming Integrated Test Center

Learn more about the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority & ITC.

+ Borne Global Center

Born Global Challenge has a 50 MW-e pine-tree-to-power in Maine. The site provides access to both pinewood biomass and associated residues but also flue gas from the biopower plants.

+ Napa County

Carbontech Labs' Advisory Network member, Gopal Shanker, has a long history of developing first-of-a-kind projects in Napa County. This picturesque tourist and wine destination is a potential site for innovations in management of agricultural biomass residues and municipal solid waste.


+ Monroe Farm

Carbontech Labs' Advisory Network members, Ian Monroe, has 300+ acres of forest, rangeland, and farmland that serves as a 'living lab' for carbontech and carbon removal technologies. Collaborative opportunities are boundless. For instance, the farm could pilot land management and decision support tools, cultivate new crops, test new instruments, or be used for observational studies. The land was burned in 2017.
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