COP23: Turning on Negative Emissions

At COP23, Center for Carbon Removal aims to expand and deepen the discourse around negative emissions.

In a quiet move that signals important changes for the environment, the Dutch government recently announced their targets for aligning the country’s emissions frameworks to the guardrails established by the Paris Agreement. The new pathway outlines an ambitious plan for reducing national emissions by almost half before the year 2030. Critically, however, it does not stop at curbing emissions. The second crucial piece of the climate solutions pie is carbon sequestration, and the Dutch know this: they intend to store 20 million tonnes of CO2 annually until 2030.

Across the global community, countries and businesses are setting ambitious zero emissions goals.  Meanwhile, ongoing nature-focused initiatives like 4 pour 1000 highlight the importance of climate action that reaches across a spectrum of mitigation approaches, from renewable energy to carbon storage in soil and forests.  In order to reach the ambitious targets set in Paris, countries and businesses' best efforts must include not only lower emissions but negative emissions (a.k.a. carbon dioxide removal). We must turn to carbon removal.

This understanding is the fulcrum of the work of Center for Carbon Removal (CCR). Although IPCC scenarios mostly to prioritize Bioenergy with Carbon Capture Storage (BECCS for short), negative emissions actually refers to a broad portfolio of mitigation approaches that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

At COP23, the leading climate change thinkers and doers will convene in Bonn November 6-17, 2017. Our top priority at this gathering of great minds will be to elevate the role of negative emissions in climate conversations.

Join us to pioneer the future of negative emissions. Attend a CCR event and/or connect directly with staff.


Officially Accredited UNFCCC Side Event

13:15, 15 Nov, 2017

Dinner Dialogue on Negative Emissions

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Meet CCR Staff At COP23

Jason Funk, Associate Director of Land Use

Noah Deich, Executive Director

Miriam Swaffer, Associate Director of Communications

About Us

Center for Carbon Removal bolsters action on climate change by cleaning up carbon from the air. We drive innovation to build better carbon removal solutions by mobilizing scientific research, corporate action, policy change, and philanthropic dollars.


Center for Carbon Removal Events at COP23

Toward Safe, Effective, and Sustainable Use of Negative Emissions Approaches


Wednesday, 15 Nov 2017



Meeting Room 9 (120 theatre)

In addition to directly reducing emissions, Parties to the Paris Agreement may use negative emissions approaches to meet their goals. Experts discuss key policy issues related to enhancing carbon sinks and reservoirs while protecting food security and sustainable development.

Officially Accredited UNFCCC Side Event. Held in COP23 Bonn Zone.


An Evening of Negative Emissions and International Climate Policy with the Center for Carbon Removal


Saturday, 11 Nov 2017



Restaurant near convention center

Enjoy dinner and casual conversation with the team working to understand how international climate policy can advance safe, scalable, and sustainable negative emissions strategies across the land and industrial sectors. After brief introductory remarks on CCR's work in this space, we will break into tables for dinner and dialogue on the opportunities and challenges for effectively incorporating negative emissions into international climate policy frameworks.

CCR Staff at COP23

Feel free to contact any of the three staffers should you wish to meet in Bonn.