Carbon Removal Solutions: Discussion on Research and Development Needs

  • Paris MinesTech 60 Boulevard Saint Michel Paris, 75006 France

Description: Scientists increasingly agree that carbon removal solutions -- i.e. those systems and process capable of net-negative carbon emissions -- are critical for fighting climate change. At the same time, many carbon removal solutions are less developed technically and scientifically than other GHG mitigation technologies such as renewable energy and energy efficiency. This panel discussion explores the state of carbon removal research and development, the key questions surrounding various carbon removal approaches, and the development activities needed to answer key technical and scientific questions. The panel will discuss options for coordinating carbon removal research efforts across the international community, as well as options for engaging governments, industry, and NGOs in funding and executing carbon removal research and development activities. After a moderated panel discussion, questions from the audience and interested participants across the globe will be addressed.


  • Daniel Kammen: UC Berkeley, USA
  • Sabine Fuss: Mercator Research Institute, Germany
  • Pep Canadell: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia
  • Florian Kraxner: International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) – Austria
  • Noah Deich (Moderator): Center for Carbon Removal – USA

More information: 

This event is an officially accredited side event at the pre-COP21 conference: Our Common Future Under Climate Change:  

The event is also part of the "Innovations in Decarbonization" day -- a joint UC Berkeley/MINES ParisTech event exploring the pathways and actions needed to prevent climate change