7th Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit 2016

  • TBD

ACI’s 7th Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit 2016 will explore the ongoing developments of turning waste CO2 into profitable, commercially viable opportunities. With insights from key industry players from pilot stage to full scale entities, the conference will address both the technical and commercial aspects of CO2 utilisation in Europe and across the globe. This edition aims to highlight the changes post COP21 addressing challenges & opportunities in framework across CO2 emitting industries such as Industrial Manufacturing, Power to Gas/Liquids, Fuel, Petrochemical, Chemical, Urea, Algae and Power/Energy.

The conference is designed to appeal to professionals interested in learning about the commercial future of carbon dioxide utilisation. If you are looking for a comprehensive progress update on the global CO2 Utilisation industry, including growth outlook and updates on the latest technological advancements, then look no further than ACI’s 7th Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit.

Go to http://www.wplgroup.com/aci/event/co2/for more information and sign up.