CEM7 Parallel Session on Carbon Management: How CCUS can Enable Renewables

Carbon Management via CCUS as a Complement to and Enabler of Renewable Energy: How carbon management technologies can bolster renewable energy adoption to help deliver on the Paris Agreement goals.

Recent developments in carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) projects across the globe suggest that CCUS technologies are evolving to serve as a low-carbon complement to—and even enabler of—large-scale renewable energy deployments. This parallel session to the 7th Clean Energy Ministerial meetings hosted by the Global CCS Institute will explore the state of international CCUS technology and project developments today. The event will feature discussion on how CCUS systems can work with renewables to provide grid stability and pave the way for negative emissions energy systems, as well as how industrial sources of CO2 emissions can enable innovative manufacturing processes using recycled CO2 that help encourage economy-wide deep decarbonization. Meeting the Paris Agreement goals will require an all-of-the-above approach to clean energy, and international collaboration to develop smart CCUS projects in conjunction with renewables will be critical for achieving the ambition laid out in COP21 this past December.

Format and Speakers:

The event will consist of two panel discussions followed by a networking opportunity.

Panel 1: Projects and Policies – a survey of the latest developments in CCUS projects and international collaborations to develop and demonstrate CCUS systems.

  • Moderated by Jeff Erikson – Global CCS Institute
  • Jarad Daniels – US Department of Energy
  • Julio Friedmann – Lawrence Livermore National Lab
  • George Peridas – Natural Resources Defense Council

Panel 2: Lightening Talks on Technology and Innovation: five, five-minute long talks by leading innovators in the CCUS field, followed by a moderated discussion on how these solutions complement renewable energy deployments, and what industry and government support is most urgently needed to catalyze growth of the CCUS field today.

  • Moderated by: Noah Deich – Center for Carbon Removal
  • Marcius Extavour – XPRIZE (Invited)
  • Jeff Long – UC Berkeley (Invited)
  • Kendra Kuhl – Opus 12
  • Rebecca Hollis – Clean Energy Systems (Invited)
  • Tom Price – All Power Labs
  • Darryl Wolanski -- Inventys (Invited)
  • Klaus Lackner -- ASU Center for Negative Carbon Emissions

More information can be found on Eventbrite, here.