IUCN World Conservation Congress

  • Hawai'i Convention Center 1801 Kalakaua Avenue Honolulu, HI, 96815 United States

2015 was a year of commitment. Nearly 200 nations adopted the Paris climate agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals, setting ambitious targets for addressing some of the world’s greatest challenges.

2016 is the year to take action, and the IUCN World Conservation Congress will define the sustainable path for moving these agreements from targets to achievements.

Thousands of top scientists, academics and business and political leaders from around the world will present the latest conservation advances, tools and action during the Congress Forum.

Over 1500 sessions will cover the most pressing and sometimes controversial topics including ocean protection and marine plastics, wildlife trafficking and biodiversity loss, climate change mitigation and resilience, and the economic and social impacts of transitioning, or not transitioning, to more sustainable development paths.

The Forum will directly impact the decisions made at the Members’ Assembly by representatives of 1300 of the world’s most influential governments and civil society organisations from over 170 countries.

The IUCN Congress is your chance to learn from leading experts, showcase your initiatives and inform international decision makers as they set the course for some of the most critical issues relevant to the new global climate and sustainable development agendas.


Come be a part of defining the path to a sustainable future.