Research Initiatives:

We are pursuing a number of different research projects that aim to foster effective policy and regulatory action, spur smart private-sector investments, and generate sustained civil-sector support for carbon removal solutions.

Philanthropy Beyond Carbon Neutrality

Helping donors develop strategies that have the maximum impact in advancing the development of carbon removal solutions.

U.S. Federal Policy Roadmap

Outlines near-term policy options to support a portfolio of carbon removal technologies. More information coming soon. 



Examines how the current state of fossil carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) can serve as a technology, policy, and market pathway to negative emissions. More information coming soon. 


A FRESH PERSPECTIVE ON Biochar commercialization

Exploring opportunities within federal, state, and local policy to facilitate growth of the biochar industry. More information coming soon. 


Techno-economic analysis of Direct air capture

More information coming soon. 

Other Initiatives:


Our briefing toolkit can help your organization understand the state of the carbon removal field and opportunities for action. Interested in learning more? Email us at to learn how we can help. 


The #Removeon campaign

Coming Soon! A resource for individuals and organizations interested in joining the movement on carbon removal today. Learn more  →