Carbontech Labs Executive Summary

Carbontech Labs is a specialized accelerator program providing support for the nascent carbontech industry. By combining multi-phase funding, entrepreneur education, and a targeted support network for entrepreneurs in a personalized program, Carbontech Labs accelerates startups by meeting them where they are in the commercialization journey while also addressing challenges in the larger carbontech ecosystem that hinder investors, corporate, and NGO partners from taking action in this field.

Carbontech Labs is a program of the Center for Carbon Removal, a non-profit that works to accelerate strategies that create a new carbon economy that recycles and removes carbon, with an ultimate goal of deploying negative emissions.



Carbontech entrepreneurs are struggling to gain the financing, facilities, and network they need to succeed. They often lack prior business experience, while the community of industry and investors interested in carbontech is poorly connected and uninformed about the current market opportunities in this space.


The fix is a specialized incubator designed to support carbontech ventures and connect the larger ecosystem of investors, corporates, and policymaker around them. This incubator will help aspiring carbon recycling entrepreneurs by providing:

  • Support for customer discovery and value proposition validation: offer up to $30k funding and training to help entrepreneurs focus on identifying customers and locating their pain points and value propositions.

  • Connections to a specialized mentorship network to help entrepreneurs develop strategy and navigate the unique challenges of this industry

  • Funding for technology & ‘minimum viable product’ (MVP) development: selected companies will receive up to $250k in seed funding [structuring TBD].

  • In-person convenings to both educate & network cohort teams while building interest in carbon recycling: via events like a Pitch Day in San Francisco and an analogous government & policy-focused event in Washington DC

  • Network of physical labs: While CL does not have its own laboratory space, we have partnered with a national network of laboratory spaces through the New Carbon Economy Consortium (a coalition of US universities interested in carbon utilization research)

  • Communications support: CL provides ancillary support to assist in grant writing, presentations, pitches, and external press coverage.


  • Entrepreneurs with innovative carbontech ideas get educated, networked, and funded

  • Investors receive deal flow with improved quality

  • Strategic corporates gain understanding of the potential benefits of carbon recycling and access to innovators in their sector

  • Policymakers and NGO leaders gain increased awareness and understanding of the opportunity and new startups in carbon capture and recycling