About Us

Center for Carbon Removal is a non-partisan, non-profit organization, working to clean up carbon pollution from the air.  We are a policy cauldron, where scientific, business and technical experts converge to advance fresh, negative emissions solutions across forestry, agriculture, and industry.  

Negative emissions, or carbon dioxide removal (CDR), take excess carbon pollution from the atmosphere and stores it in soil, in forests, underground and in long-lived materials.  In order to stay below 2 degrees of global average warming - the global commitment codified in the UN Paris Agreement - the world must BOTH mitigate future GHG emissions (e.g. closing coal fired power plants) and bring negative emissions online (e.g. planting millions more trees). 

Our ambition is bold

Our mission is to accelerate the development of scalable, sustainable, economically-viable carbon removal solutions. Our goal is to halt — and then reverse — climate change by restoring atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations to sustainable levels.

Our strategy sets us apart

A broad portfolio of potential carbon removal solutions urgently needs R&D, effective policies and regulations, and increased consumer and industry demand. We are building a technology-agnostic platform dedicated to supporting the carbon removal field. Our strategy is lean, iterative, and focused on industry and policy action.

We lead industry and policy collaborations to unlock the potential of carbon removal solutions

Our values drive all of our actions

  • Independence: our only allegiance lies with preventing climate change, and we have no agenda to advance any specific carbon removal technology; this enables us to acknowledge the limitations of specific carbon removal approaches while still finding promising opportunities for innovations across a broad portfolio of solutions.
  • Sustainability and equity: carbon removal solutions must be judged on their full social and environmental impact.
  • Feasibility: effective carbon removal solutions must be technically, economically, and political feasible; rigorous, comprehensive, business-minded analysis underlies all our activities to maximize our impact and ensure our recommendations are as pragmatic as possible.
  • Transparency and Inclusiveness: we strive to engage and include the voices of a broad community of stakeholders involved in an open and rigorous debate on the most appropriate pathways for developing carbon removal solutions.