Philanthropy Beyond Carbon Neutrality

How near-term grants to carbon removal can make long-term climate goals a reality (March, 2016)

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"The lack of policy and industry support for carbon removal opens the door for philanthropies to ignite the development of the field."

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Achieving the goal of limiting warming to 2 degrees will require drastic CO2 emission reductions, and efforts to clean up excess CO2 from the atmosphere. While these carbon removal (or “negative emissions”) strategies can offer myriad co-benefits beyond meeting climate targets — from new opportunities for growth in a low-carbon economy to enhanced ecosystem services and climate resiliency for communities around the world — governments and businesses have provided negligible support for the carbon removal field to date.  

Philanthropies have been successful in catalyzing greater public and private sector support for important, under-the-radar issues — exactly what the carbon removal field needs today. This report explores how near-term philanthropic grants can catalyze the development of carbon removal solutions and make our long-term climate goals a reality.