Science Special — Intro to BECCS

Welcome to this week's edition of Science Friday! Because we are focusing on BECCS this month, our first Science Friday post will serve as an introduction to the technology. 

Our BECCS must reads:

This piece, published in Nature Climate Change, explores the need for BECCS technology in accordance with IPCC projections and assesses the challenges that accompany large scale negative emissions technology deployment. 

Also published in Nature Climate Change, a UC Berkeley team shows how BECCS technology could help enable the transition to carbon negative power across western North America: "We show that BECCS, combined with aggressive renewable deployment and fossil-fuel emission reductions, can enable a carbon-negative power system in western North America by 2050 with up to 145% emissions reduction from 1990 levels."

Finally, this report from the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research explains the fundamentals of BECCS technology along with some important considerations to the applications of BECCS that will result in truly negative emissions. 

See you next week!