Science Friday: Our Common Future Under Climate Change Edition

Today marks the end of the Our Common Future Under Climate Change conference hosted in Paris in advance of the December COP21 UNFCCC climate negotiations. Below are a picture of a few posters from the event that described recent research related to carbon removal:

Poster: "Carbon emission from land-use change is substantially enhanced by agricultural management." Related key takeaway from the conference -- when we think about carbon sequestration, we have to ensure we track what happens to carbon stocks above and below ground from any given intervention.

emissions from land use

Poster: "Development of Hybrid Coal with Bio-Fuel Derived from Non-Edible Resources and Its Processes." Related takeaway from the conference -- scientists are talking about bio-CCS as a key component of curtailing climate change, while the industry- and energy-oriented conversations focused mostly on fossil energy with CCS; middle ground solutions that combined fossil and bioenergy were quite sparse.

Poster: "Negative Emissions in Energy Transition -- the Case of Geologic Carbon Storage." Related takeaway from the conference -- there were very few innovative ideas -- like this one to combine geothermal energy with geologic storage of carbon -- to accomplish negative emissions on display at the Conference; we'll need to not only increase study of bioenergy with CCS and forestry, but also ideas like direct air capture, biochar, enhanced weathering, soil carbon sequestration, etc. to develop an effective portfolio of negative emissions solutions.




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