Science Special - Ranching

Welcome to this week's issue of Science Friday! Since it's agriculture month here at the Center For Carbon Removal, we are focusing this week's links on research around ranching as a way to sequester carbon.

  • It's summer, but class is still in session... Vocab class that is. Your new word for the week is carbon farming (n). - farming practices that increase the soil carbon content. Read up here.
  • Do rangeland systems have the potential to mitigate climate change? Researchers from UC Berkeley say that certain ranching management practices can enhance carbon storage and increase land resiliency.
  • This analysis investigates the cost competitiveness and other obstacles for ranching soil carbon offsets that can be integrated into carbon trading schemes (especially relevant seeing that many states are considering using carbon trading to meet Clean Power Plan goals).

Let us know if we missed any important carbon farming "must reads"!