accelerating carbontech startups


What is carbontech?

Carbontech refers to any process, product, or service that converts carbon dioxide, bio-methane, or biomass into a commodity while creating fewer emissions than the alternatives.


what does the program do?

Carbontech Labs is a commercialization assistance program that links entrepreneurs to the resources they need. Three distinct phases are designed to shuttle concepts from discovery to demonstration. Read the executive summary.

Carbontech Labs (CTL) is an initiative of Center for Carbon Removal, a non-profit working to build the solutions necessary to remove carbon from the air on a global scale. Carbon utilization is an important first step in establishing the technologies, infrastructure, and policy environment needed for large-scale carbon sequestration.

program structure

The program will span three phases designed to transition early-stage technology innovations from lab to first investment.



Phase 1: Customer Discovery

CTL provides up to $30,000 in non-dilutive funding and a structured entrepreneurship and customer discovery curriculum.  Great technology is important, but it also needs to be matched to a business case.  Phase one includes an in-person "bootcamp" event.


Phase 2: Building the Prototype

CTL provides up to $250,000 in funding to selected teams along with access to physical labs spaces and continued entrepreneurship mentoring to further reduce the technical risk.  Phase two includes additional on-sites in Washington, DC and a culminating pitch day in the San Francisco Bay area.


Phase 3: Transition to Demonstration

CTL has partnered with specialized test sites to host field demonstrations of promising teams and their technologies.  These partners facilitate getting on-the-ground operating experience and validation.


network insights



Read in-depth analysis of the emerging technologies and industries making carbon products.


Market Intelligence

Coming soon: Market landscapes, product buyers' guide, and other curated tools for the carbontech sector.


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