Join Us: A New Carbon Economy Webinar for the Social Sciences 

June 11th, 1 - 3pm EST

Research on opportunities to remove and utilize carbon emissions in a beneficial capacity has largely focused technical or quantitative analysis. While this research is vital to the development of capture and conversion pathways, the deployment of these tools and technologies is limited by economic, social, and political conditions. This workshops aims to address and evaluate the social drivers and barriers for the deployment of carbon removal strategies.


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Building an R&D Roadmap

The Center for Carbon Removal has convened the New Carbon Economy Consortium in an effort to identify and define the research agenda and projects necessary to build an economy that effectively converts harmful carbon emission to valuable products. Whether it's mapping the decision drivers of land managers or analyzing the economies of scale for carbon utilization, the Consortium is dedicated to filling the technical and social 

Powerful PArtners

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With a growing list of universities, national labs and research institutions, the New Carbon Economy Consortium has the resources and the expertise to launch a collaborative moonshot towards an economy that recycles carbon emissions into products.