Carbon Removal Policy: Opportunities for Federal Action

(July 2017)

"Now is the time for Federal policy makers to unlock the economic, job creation, and climate change stopping potential of carbon removal."

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Carbon Removal Policy: Opportunities for Federal Action details bipartisan options, from legislation to regulatory action, that will drive carbon removal business innovation.

Carbon removal is the capture and reliable storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution from the atmosphere. Since the industrial revolution, the global economy has released about two trillion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, largely from burning fossil fuels. While continuing to add to this total is risky business, historical CO2 emissions do not have to remain a permanent liability.

Carbon removal innovators have already begun to transform those trillions of tons of excess CO2 into trillions of dollars of valuable products and services.  They need federal support, as detailed in the report, in order to realize the promise of this technology.